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Tribute to Mia Martini and Mina
Cheryl Porter - La Mia Mina
It is rare that an American singer can a give a closer and deeper look into a repertoire that has traditonally been reserved for Italian performers. It is even more rare for that same artist to dedicate an entire CD to the Italian music genere.

Cheryl Porter's La Mia Mina project is a testament of her love for Italian music and goes right to the heart of this extraordinary genere by revisititing songs by two of the most iconic femaleperformers of the second half of ‘900: Mina and Mia Martini, two great interpreters that always set themselves apart for their immense contributions to Italian musical culture and ethical andaesthetical integrity.

International singer Cheryl Porter, originally from Chicago and living in Italy for the past 20 years, presents her most intriguing artistic project to date: La Mia Mina. In this project Cheryl revists songs that have always been considered subject matter exclusive to Italian performers, with elegance, interpretative flair and a fresh and subtle personal touch of Jazz and blues.

Cheryl Porter is considered to be one of the most extroverted performers in the current international and Italian black music scene. After the success of two previous recordingsdedicated to only to Mina (Mina in Black and Mina in Black 2), it was only a matter of time forCheryl to go even deeper and expand her love for yet another female icon she admires, MiaMartini. This new musical adventure goes even deeper to her love and respect for the Italianmusic artform.
Cheryl American’s touch of jazz, blues and gospel gives a whole new meaning to iconic songssuch as “E se domani” (a true masterpiece by author Carlo Alberto Rossi, greatly appreciated by the most influential American voices of the past, from Nat King Cole to Sarah Vaughan); her trademark opera voice will face the challenge of “Almeno tu nell’universo”, a song that is indissolubly characterized by Mia Martini’s voice.
She will surprise her audience with original arrangements of other very classic hits such as “Gli uomini non cambiano”, “Libera”, “Notturno”, “Grande Grande Grande”, “Se stasera sono qui”, “Se telefonando”, “Nessuno”, “Tintarella di luna”; they all will be presented with their original evocative strength and a new twist, in balance with the essence of the show: Cheryl’s tribute to Mia Martina and Mina, to women, their bravery and their way to love.
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